Jury Duty

Check In
  • Please check in with the bailiff (deputy sheriff).
  • A note for your employer will be provided by the Circuit Clerk’s Office upon request.
  • As you check in, you will receive a tag with your assigned number. Please wear the tag in the Justice Center until your jury service has ended. The badge identifies you as a juror to other people and may keep them from unknowingly discussing a case in your presence.
    Voir Dire
    • At approximately 9:00 a.m, the panel will line up and will be escorted to the courtroom by a bailiff.
    • The selection process can take thirty minutes to several hours. In most cases, it is completed before noon.
    • After voir dire has concluded, the panel will be given a break while the jury and alternates are selected. This usually takes approximately 30 minutes.
    • Jurors will then be informed as to who were selected.
    • The remaining panel members will be excused.
    • Jurors will be given adequate time for meals.
    • In addition to meal times, the Court will periodically recess throughout the day. Breaks are typically every one and one-half to two hours.
      • Should an illness or emergency arise, immediately inform the bailiff.
      • While serving as a juror, you may receive emergency telephone calls at the following numbers.

    Lincoln County (636) 528.6300 Pike County (573) 324.3112


    When jury trials are scheduled, notices are sent out to a number of potential jurors. That number is determined by the nature and
    length of the trial. The parties are entitled to a certain number of impartial jurors found suitable for their case. A request to be excused after you’ve been summoned for a specific date is seldom granted due to the fact that it could result in being unable to proceed with the trial.

    If there are dates when you are unavailable, notify the Circuit Clerk’s office as soon as possible. It is easy to get excused from
    specific dates before you have been summoned for a specific trial date.

    Term of Service

    Jury service is for a term of three months. Generally, a juror can expect to be notified of his/her need to appear two to four times during this time period. A phone number is given that you call the evening prior to confirm your need to appear. You may also
    check this website periodically. On average, there are 10 to 20 jury trials each year within the Circuit. Most last only one to two

    Jury Service

    The uniqueness of the American jury system is apparent. The idea itself – that ordinary citizens without experience in judicial
    decision making should be impaneled to decide issues of great importance – is an unusual one in the world today. While juries have virtually disappeared in England except in criminal proceedings, the United States jury system has withstood the test of time. Jury duty constitutes the only mandatory public service draft existing at this present time in the United States. Such endurance on the part of the jury evidences the important role it plays in our system of government.

    Jurors perform a vital role in the American system of justice. The jury system is a fundamental human right and the strongest
    check on governmental abuse; it can function only in a society which fully supports it and makes available a pool of fair, competent, and unbiased individuals to judge right and wrong. It is only fair that a citizen receiving the advantages of our society should also assume responsibility for its functioning.

    Jury service is a high duty of citizenship as well as an honor that commands one’s pride. To be a juror sitting in judgment on the
    law of the land is one of our most basic responsibilities, greatest opportunities, and most important individual human rights.

    Smoking Policy

    Smoking is prohibited in the Lincoln and Pike County Courthouses, and the Lincoln County Justice Center.

    Note Taking

    If selected as a juror to hear the case, you will be provided additional instructions. When note taking is allowed, notebooks and
    pens are provided.

    Reading Materials

    A very limited supply of reading material is provided. You may bring books, crossword puzzles, etc.. No legal reference books, etc.
    are allowed. If you have brought any reading material with you that you think might in some way be inappropriate, please bring it to the attention of a court bailiff.

    Compensation and Mileage

    You will be paid for each day that you are required to appear for jury duty. You will be reimbursed a small sum for round trip
    mileage from your residence to the courthouse. You will receive payment after your term of service is complete.

    Assistive Listening Devices

    Assistive listening devices for persons with hearing impairment are available upon request. Please advise prior to the trial date.
    Lincoln County Current Jury Trials

    If you’ve received notice of jury duty on one of the following dates, your presence is required if the date is noted [x] Trial still on. Your presence isn’t required if the date is noted [x] Trial cancelled. Be sure to check this site and/or call 636.528.0328 the evening before the trial date, if the trial hasn’t previously been cancelled. Note the phone system is only for the evening before the day of

    Trial Date: Status

    _____________________ [ ] Trial still on [ ] Trial cancelled